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Our Mission is to support and educate our clients regarding investments and financial planning.  We encourage our clients to articulate their financial and life goals at a deep level of understanding.  The expanding list of articles is grouped under the questions we are most often asked by clients, and are designed to increase your understanding of BONDS:  The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth.
Should I reach for yield?
The Short Term Route to Long Term Failure
Achieving Financial Independence
Ditch the Casino of Hope and Fear
Lessons Learned from Ivy League Investing
Questions to ask when you don't know what to do
Investment Dilemma - Short- vs. Longer-Term Bonds
Equities - the Strategy of Hope
Time to Dump Stocks and Buy Bonds?
Stock Dividends vs. Bond Interest
What proportion of my portfolio should be devoted to bonds?
Rethinking Stocks for the Long Haul (2011, BusinessWeek)
The Case for the All-Bond Portfolio
Bonds: Why Bother?
Extreme Bonding
Your Mattress is the Wrong Haven in Trouble Times
No Longer a Wall Flower
Financial Sense News Hour (with Jim Puplava)
Using an All-Bond Portfolio Approach for Tough TImes
Bond Portfolio Construction
What would help me understand the kinds of bonds I should have in my portfolio?
Build America Bonds Power the US States
A Safer Four Percent Withdrawal Rule
Hildy's Interview in Indian Express (India)
Some Investors Forced to Hold 'Auction' Bonds
Not All Fixed Income Securities are Created Equal (Interview)
College Savings: Do Your Homework
Build Up Your Bond Portfolio
IRA Investments and Required Distributions
The Downside of Low Inflation - Baltimore Sun
What would help me understand the municipal bond market?
Stan Richelson in WSJ - "Advisers on Munis: No Reason To Panic"
Are Municipal Bonds Still a Good Buy (in 2011)?
Thoughts on the Risk of Municipal Bond Defaults
The Municipal Bond Market - Take II
Why Some Moral Obligation Bonds are Like Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon
What is the difference between a bond and a bond fund?
Buy Bonds and Not Bond Funds
Bond Funds = Individual Bonds - NOT
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