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Investment Advisory Services:
Consultation regarding investing in bonds, stocks, real estate and alternative investments.
Custom design of a laddered bond portfolio to support your goals and needs.
Implementation of the bond portfolio design by the purchase and sale of individual bonds.
Bond portfolio reviews and reports.
As necessary, strategy modification and implementation of portfolio changes in the event of anticipated and unanticipated life transitions, and economic events.
Review of your tax situation to establish a tax-efficient portfolio.
Financial Planning Services:
Consultation regarding your insurance protection plans and appropriate coverage needs.
Consultation on investments that you own and investments that you are considering.
Preparation of a financial plan measured by success in generating cash flow.
Estate planning.
Consultation regarding cash flow, budgeting, mortgage refinancing and loans.
Implementation of cash flow strategies including the establishment of lines of credit for emergencies to meet unplanned transitions and planned transitions such as education and retirement.
Meeting with client's other professional advisors regarding tax and estate planning issues.
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