Let Cash Flow From Bonds
Drive Your Investment Strategy
Protect and Grow Your Assets: Our mission is to enable individual investors who have substantial investable funds to protect their principal and create a reliable income.
Hildy Richelson, Ph.D., and Stan Richelson, J.D., LL.M., are authors of five books on bonds.  Hildy Richelson is President of Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd. In Blue Bell, PA.
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Plan for Financial Independence:  We can design a plan for your custom portfolio of high quality tax-free and taxable individual bonds.  We would implement the design of your bond portfolio by the purchase of individual bonds, both tax-free and taxable, with your approval.  This portfolio would produce a predictable cash flow in both your taxable and retirement accounts.  This plan may enable you to reach financial independence and have a successful retirement.
The Unbeaten Path:  See your investment future through our eyes.  Our latest book is BONDS:  The Unbeaten Path to
Secure Investment Growth  

This book explains how to create
The All-Bond Portfolio.
Stan and Hildy
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The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth
Tax Efficient:  Your custom bond portfolio of individual bonds would be tax-efficient.
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Our Fees: Our fees for this service are very reasonable.
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