Let Cash Flow From Bonds
Drive Your Investment Strategy
Protect and Grow Your Assets: Our mission is to enable individual investors who have substantial investable funds to protect their principal and create a reliable income.
Hildy Richelson, Ph.D., and Stan Richelson, J.D., LL.M., are authors of five books on bonds.  Hildy Richelson is President of Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd. In Blue Bell, PA.
Plan for Financial Independence:  We can design a plan for your custom portfolio of high quality tax-free and taxable individual bonds.  We would implement the design of your bond portfolio by the purchase of individual bonds, both tax-free and taxable, with your approval.  This portfolio would produce a predictable cash flow in both your taxable and retirement accounts.  This plan may enable you to reach financial independence and have a successful retirement.
The Unbeaten Path:  See your investment future through our eyes.  Our latest book is BONDS:  The Unbeaten Path to
Secure Investment Growth  

This book explains how to create
The All-Bond Portfolio.
Stan and Hildy
Scarsdale Investment Group
The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth
Tax Efficient:  Your custom bond portfolio of individual bonds would be tax-efficient.
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Our Fees: Our fees for this service are very reasonable.
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