The Mondy-Making Guide to Bonds
Straight Talk About Bonds and Bond Funds
Income Without Taxes:  An Insider's Guide to Tax-Exempt Bonds
Venture Capital:  The Definitive Guide
Describes 35 types of bonds and 20 types of bond funds. Characterizes the advantages, risks and implications of each, including expert strategies for boosting income and reducing taxes (Bloomberg Press, 2002).
This was the first book written for individual investors about why to invest in and how to purchase and sell municipal bonds.  A landmark book.  (Carrol & Graf, 1985).
Provides a step-by-step approach to buying bonds from the basics to shrewd advice on how to work with a broker and why individual bonds are better than bond funds (McGraw-Hill, 1996).
Describes what professional investors and venture capitalists require before they fund a start-up, and how you can meet their requirements (John Wiley & Sons, 2001).
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