Peter first met the Richelson’s in early 2001.  He requested financial advice as he transitioned from an employee to an independent business consultant.  Stan’s advice was that since he was moving from a stable, salaried corporate position to being self-employed with inconsistent earnings, he needed to protect his financial assets.  In Stan’s words “You don’t need the hoped-for upside of the stock market - You are now the upside.”

Peter fully understood the change in investment strategy that was required by his change in employment.  He promptly sold all his equities and, with Stan’s guidance, bought an all bond portfolio.  It turned out that this protected Peter’s financial assets during the subsequent ‘Tech Bubble Crash’ that happened later that year in 2001, causing significant financial damage to many of his friends.
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Peter’s passion for learning has propelled him into many different fields.  After receiving a BS degree in Pharmacy from the University of Washington, Peter pursued a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology there.  During his Postdoctoral studies at the Regional Primate Research Center in Seattle he was involved in designing computer graphics systems for mapping central nervous system pathways, using the recently invented microprocessor technology. 

After his academic studies ended, Peter’s interests turned more commercial, becoming a Systems Analyst at Texas Instruments in Seattle.  Texas Instruments offered him the opportunity to open a new branch sales office in Portland, Oregon to sell minicomputers.  He moved to Portland, and became the top salesman in the group of 260 nationwide.  After several years in this position he joined Timberline Systems, a Portland software developer.  At Timberline, he set up a nationwide dealer network to market Timberline’s Personal Computer software. Peter had multiple assignments at Timberline including the setup of a Personal Computer software documentation and production process for Timberline’s new software and management of relationships with major hardware vendors including IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Wang Laboratories.

Working with large corporations made Peter aware of the impersonal and top-down control orientation exhibited by many of them.  He felt that if one could “Unleash the Human Spirit” of these employees, they would be much more creative and able to substantially accelerate complex projects such as clinical trials at Pharmaceutical companies.  To further this thinking, Peter joined a small consulting company that was dedicated to creating a corporate culture that empowered employees to perform at their best, rather than attempting to control them.

For 14 years Peter worked as a consultant on assignments with executives and high-performance teams at corporations in many industries including American Electric Power, Koch Industries, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Lederle Pharmaceuticals, Glaxo, LTV Steel, Allstate and a variety of others.

After the financial crash of 2008, Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd. was experiencing rapid growth because individual investors were propelled to seek capital preservation and reliable cash flow.  Peter was hired at Scarsdale in January of 2009 as Director of Operations to regularize and computerize the back office and to enable Scarsdale to seamlessly expand its operations.  Using the consulting and organizational skills that he mastered at his previous assignments, Peter enabled Scarsdale to upgrade its processes to now service the accounts of individual investors which as of August 2017 aggregates almost $350 million. He also helps clients master the systems at Fidelity, and to open and maintain their accounts. 
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